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Chinese face reading -koulutus 25.-26.11.23

Kouluttaja: Eva-Marie Janelo Aika: 25.-26.11.23 (la 10-17:30 ja su 9-16)

Paikka: Hyötykasviyhdistys, Hämeentie 154, 00560 Helsinki,


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A two-day workshop in Chinese Face Reading with Master Face Reader Eva-Marie Janelo

The content of this workshop is based primarily on the knowledge of Lillian Pearl Bridges Chen lineage teachings During this workshop we will mix theory and very much practical work

Content of the workshop

  • Short repetition the history about face reading and the emotional map
  • Different face shapes
  • Markings on the face that may indicate trauma from the past
  • The different zones of the face that reflect the balance and function of our internal organs
  • Facial features that reflect constitutional functions and characteristics
  • How emotions can disrupt the balance of our internal organs
  • The five personality types – physical characteristics and psychological characteristics
  • Charism of the eyes
  • Matchmaking in personal and professional relationship

About Chinese Face Reading

Our face has more than 40 muscles that control our facial expression. All of these facial muscles are closely linked to our emotional life and react unconsciously to emotions that occur in us. We are all born with an intuitive ability to interpret the facial expressions of another person, but we mostly do it on an unconscious level. By learning what muscles correspond to different emotions, we can learn to consciously interpret a person’s emotional expressions without saying any words. Through training, we can also learn to perceive these secondary changes in the face.

In China, a mapping of the muscles of the face linked to emotions has been going on for several thousand years. They studied and mapped the facial expressions and the lines in the face that arise in the muscular movements. If we often find ourselves in a specific state of emotion for a long period of time, eventually a permanent line is formed in the skin due to tension in a specific facial muscle. Since the lines have been manifested in the skin, the facial interpreter can read how long the emotion has been manifesting. Feelings that we have, without doing something about or learning how to handle constructively hamper our ability to progress in our lives.

Face reading also includes reading signs of physical health, which can be read in skin color and other markings in the different parts of the face. For the ancient physician, the art of reading faces, in addition to pulse and tongue diagnosis, was a very important diagnostic method in Chinese medicine. By studying the face’s color changes, markings, swellings and insufficient areas, the doctor could assess the current physical state of health.

The knowledge of face reading has been used in several areas and not just within medicine. It has also been used in matchmaking, both in personal and professional relationship.

Lillian Pearl Bridges (1956-2021) was considered as the world-leading expert in Chinese face reading. Lillian originated from one of the few family lines that have proceeded the knowledge for generations. As a five-year-old, Lillian began sitting beside her grandmother Mary Chen Lowe, who in turn had learned the art of face reading from her father.